April 14, 2016

My questions and ideas:

  1. Does a photon have mass?
  2. When will maintenance cost of hyperloop become cheaper than mx cost of roads, so they can be installed in Mongolia?
  3. Everyone should live in communal areas with lots of shared space to minimize resources used.
  4. What are the advantages of saving the thousands of languages spoken around the world today?
  5. How much more innovation could have been made by the minds currently spent on the financial sector?


Today is April 11, 2016, a Monday. Not a special day as we’d normally think: not a birthday, holiday, or day that anyone I know died. But I am wondering if it is a special day… considering it has taken millions of evolutionary years to reach this current level of intelligence (though the process may have been slowed down by random mutation) and that current technology we so fear cannot duplicate our intelligence yet. I feel lucky that my brain works the way it does, asks questions, has doubts, and enables me to write this first blog post. I could have just been a microbe floating through space. Now that would be a bland day… just saying…